Top 7 Reasons to Choose NetSuite for your Business

The world of business is always changing and so is technology. Switching from software to software can be expensive, especially when they have additional licensing fees, costly software updates and possibly some hidden costs. NetSuite is ever long lasting and adapts to the changes that your business may go through. The multiple services are built into one platform with no hidden features or costs; it makes clear that it would be beneficial for any businesses out there. Why choose NetSuite? Find out below:

1. Easy to Implement 

NetSuite is built to allow the implementation process to be easy as pie. Implementations for this software is much more efficient and cheaper than other business applications which is quite a bonus. This web solution will most definitely reduce the total cost of  ownership and enhances productivity without the need of hiring more consultants to gather all the business applications and turning it into one. Since NetSuite makes it clear that all the data that is being sent is easily customizable, it proves the point that this software will make your life easier. If you’re ever thinking of using a NetSuite service but don’t know how to work it, relax! Here at SuiteDB, we can help you implement these NetSuite services to create a better experience for you. 

2. Multiple Services in a Single Platform

Have you ever bought anything that comes in a package deal for the price of one? Well that is what NetSuite is and why its the #1 cloud software! It’s convenient to have multiple services in one platform – plus, it’s more cost efficient too. This will enhance the productivity and agility of your business while managing to eliminate any errors that may be encountered. Not only that, but the infrastructure of this software ensures a safe and secure environment for any of the business processes. Some examples of the services of NetSuite includes, SuiteCommerce, SuiteTalk, SuiteFlow, SuiteScript and more. With these services, it allows your business processes to flow smoothly without any interruption. Curious about how it works? Check us out to learn more!

3. Increase Metrics Visibility in Real-Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to view all the data and metrics in real-time? Having full visibility of the key performances of your business is crucial to analyzing what is working out and what is not. Having this feature allows you to see the results of customer records, sales, transactions, and other service processes to determine what decision needs to be made in order to take the next step further. Without the ability to see how the business is performing, you could be missing out on the trends that could possibly outperform you. When data is being updated consistently, it allows a greater advantage to change or manipulate your business strategy and have long-term success.

4. Customizable

NetSuite has the functionality to be the most customizable software in the world since multiple applications are being used under one platform. The tools used in NetSuite allows you to tailor the program to meet your business processes based on your company’s requirements. It is common to use NetSuite’s SuiteFlow as even inexperienced users can easily create these customizations and programming in the business logic. It is recommended that you get the right training for your team and SuiteDB offers great training in the fields of support tasks, association, and development! 

5. It is Integrated

It’s insane how powerful this application is as it combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Ecommerce data management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), self-service portals, and so on and so forth. All of that in one? Sounds great doesn’t it? With these capabilities, companies are able to unify data and automate system processes in full view.

6. Reduce Costs

What’s better than getting great deals? With NetSuite, you can enjoy these affordable pricings. There are also comprehensive support packages that are included which results in time efficient processing. It also enables you to control your business applications without any additional costs related to IT maintenance.  

7. Global Access to your Business

Wouldn’t it be nice to access data from anywhere in the world and at anytime you want? As NetSuite is a cloud based solution to the business logic, accumulating business data from other parts of the world is deemed possible. This makes it a great asset when it comes to the needs of working closely with other partners and enterprises. These self-serve portals are key to enhancing the overall collaboration of businesses.

NetSuite is a great software to be using for your business processes. From customizations to global interactions, your business could be booming with success. There you have it – the reasons why you should integrate NetSuite into your business and how it can further your company’s development. If you have any other questions about NetSuite services and how we can help serve you, visit our website at

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