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Why Suitecommerce Advanced?

As a pioneer in the commerce industry since 1998, NetSuite was the first to provide an ecommerce solution that unified ecommerce with your back office systems. Today, SuiteCommerce powers thousands of online businesses helping them grow and expand to new heights. Backed by professional services, an extensive partner ecosystem and dedicated support, SuiteCommerce provides your business everything it needs to succeed.



Rapidly create unique, personalized and compelling mobile, web and in-store experiences that differentiate your brand and exceed customer expectations.

Check out some of the engaging online experiences powered by SuiteCommerce: Mystery Ranch and Big Agnes.

  • Design the Experience You Want for Your Brand. Provide engaging customer acquisition and retention experiences by utilizing a single source of item, inventory, customer and order data to feed your customer-facing systems.
  • Transform the Store. Deliver a continuous shopping experience by unifying the online and in-store buying journey. Empower sales associates with tools and information to assist and engage shoppers.
  • Any Device. Responsive web design allows you to build device-optimized, online shopping experiences that display elegantly across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. You’ll have only one platform instead of maintaining multiple fragmented systems and user experiences.


Provide consistent and personalized cross-channel experiences, targeted marketing and superior customer service with a single view of all customer interactions and transactions across all touchpoints and channels.

Lovesac drives growth, efficiency and customer loyalty with NetSuite. Read How.

  • Truly Know Your Customers. Get a single, cross-channel view of every customer to provide consistent and personalized service, build loyalty, deepen relationships and grow lifetime value.
  • Optimize Customer Engagement. With a central communication hub, deliver timely, relevant, data-driven digital marketing that fuels engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Customer Lifetime Value. Gain insight into the true profitability of your customers by capturing all interactions and transactions in a single system. Use this data to make more educated decisions on marketing spend and targeting segments that are most profitable.


Strategic acquisitions are used to cultivate ways to automate systems such as the Marketing Cloud which was built to be a highly broadened marketing ecosystem. Salesforce has helped multiple online marketing campaigns automate their systems. Now what’s a more productive way to work a system like this? In this case, by eliminating the manual data entry, it has become cost efficient, a time saver and a sales booster. How great does that sound? 

Meet customer expectations to buy, fulfill and return goods anywhere while maximizing profitability. It’s easy when you have centralized order management and a single view of inventory across all channels and the supply chain.

Thos. Baker provides an engaging online experience, while optimizing order and inventory management with SuiteCommerce. Watch How.

  • Fulfill Orders Quickly and Effectively. Manage orders from multiple channels—POS, web, call center, mobile, kiosk—all in one place. Customers, suppliers and partners always know exactly what’s happening with every order. You’ll process orders faster, satisfy more customers and lower operational costs.
  • Optimize Inventory. Real-time, enterprise-wide inventory visibility, including stores, is key to enabling a buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere experience. You’ll reduce excess inventory, capture lost sales and promote the most profitable products to your customers.
  • Better Manage Suppliers and Stock Levels. Connect global supply and distribution chains to ensure real-time information sharing, better coordination, increased responsiveness and shortened time to market.

Strategic acquisitions are used to cultivate ways to automate systems such as the Marketing Cloud which was built to be a highly broadened marketing ecosystem. Salesforce has helped multiple online marketing campaigns automate their systems. Now what’s a more productive way to work a system like this? In this case, by eliminating the manual data entry, it has become cost efficient, a time saver and a sales booster. How great does that sound? 

Diverse Stream of Software

Software as a Service, also known as SaaS, was innovated by Salesforce and this feature has the ability to provide on-demand help to reduce costs while allowing customers to improve their sales and enhance communications. There are various SaaS applications that are formed by Salesforce. To name a few, there is Salesforce Chatter, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud. 

Another innovation of Salesforce would be Platform as a Service (PaaS), which is where users are able to customize their applications with developer tools. This type of service also provides support in a variety of programmable languages. While there are other types of CRM software in the competitive market, the fact that how diverse Salesforce’s features are, is considered as a big win. 


Be ready to respond to opportunities by quickly deploying sites for multiple business models, channels, brands, countries, currencies and languages, all on the same platform.

Maclaren rapidly expands global B2C and B2B websites with SuiteCommerce. Read How.

  • Expand Globally. Run your business around the world from a single platform that supports multiple countries, languages, tax rates and currencies. Easily consolidate multi-subsidiary reporting.
  • Multiple Brands, Multiple Sites. Create and manage multiple websites for individual brands, geographies and business models—all from a single site instance.
  • Support Any Selling Model. Combine business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) selling models on a single platform with a dramatically lower investment and no need to maintain separate systems.


With a cloud-based infrastructure that unifies business applications and provides a central repository for order management and customer, item and inventory data, create seamless, omnichannel, brand experiences and streamline your business.

Williams-Sonoma powers global omnichannel expansion with SuiteCommerce. Watch How.

  • One Complete Commerce Platform. Eliminate integrations between separate systems with natively unified ecommerce, POS, inventory and order management, marketing, merchandising, customer service and financials.
  • Run Your Business Better. Gain unprecedented, real-time visibility across your business by consolidating fragmented sources of data into a single repository to make informed, timely business decisions.
  • Ultimate Business Agility. Our cloud-based solution provides the flexibility and adaptability needed to keep pace with business, reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies and eliminate the hassles of managing hardware and software.

Want to learn more about SCA and what it can do to help your online business? We’re here to help you out! Visit our website or contact us directly at contact@suitedb.com

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Top 5 Errors You Could Be Making with NetSuite

Mistakes can happen when there’s a good amount of stress rolling along but there are ways to prevent them from happening or worse case scenario, a way to fix them without a costly burden. The following are the top 5 errors that you could be making with NetSuite and some tips that can definitely ease your way through these obstacles: 

1. Choosing the Wrong Implementation Partner

Looking for the right partner can be a total drag especially when there are so many of them to choose from. However, it can be difficult to find the absolute right one that fits your business model. Many of these NetSuite partners have experience in different services. Its best to explore your options before agreeing to partner up with some random implementation company that doesn’t align with your business processes and goals. Our team at SuiteDB has worked with various projects linking to all sorts of different companies. With our dynamic experiences working with divergent areas of industries, it is in our confidence that we can serve the best of our ability to promote the growth of your company. 

2. Not Enough Training

Training your staff on how to operate NetSuite software are one of the most vital things you can do to keep your business up and running and can save you from costly troubles. But what you can do is to spend time and have your staff actively engage in the training process to know all the nooks and crannies of what NetSuite has to offer. NetSuite is designed to be simple however, without the correct training and support, it can feel overwhelming. 

Learning something gradually is better than trying to learn something in a couple hours. Yes, it will be a cost to train, but this will help your business in the long run. Creating a test account that uses your company’s real data will allow your staff to practice and learn any new platforms or systems without affecting your live system data.  With our help, we will ensure that your processes run smoothly as we can help with the training procedures.

3. Not Getting the Most Out of NetSuite

Are you really making the most out of this software? With the right support team at your service, it is wise to explore all the options of NetSuite and take advantage of what it has to offer. Sometimes we come across certain problems and we jump straight to the conclusion of throwing money at an unnecessary purchase that we think may solve our issues. If that’s really the case, it means that your team hasn’t dived deep enough into the NetSuite software to navigate all the possibilities of resolving these problems. That’s why, as mentioned before, it’s important to find a NetSuite partner who is very experienced in your industry of business and that they provide the correct training for your team. 

4. Not Performing a Data Cleanse

If you’ve ever thought of migrating data from an older software, you must, and we really mean must, have a data cleanse before transferring it across your new clean system.  You definitely don’t want to transfer any bad data over to your new clean system. The most common issue that we found regarding the migration process where loads of data end up in the wrong places, inaccurate invoices and transactions being made, multiple emails being sent out — basically a whole nightmare in the system. To avoid all the chaos, we advise you to clean your system of all unnecessary data before implementing. And that we can help you with. 

5. Using NetSuite Blindly

Have you discussed about what your company needs in order to progress further down the road? Is each part of the system being utilized for its true purpose or is it being exploited because your staff doesn’t know what they’re really using it for? Discussing who’s doing what with the system helps keep things organized and ensures that the business needs are being met and are not missing. You may be shocked by the fact that the system could be used in the right or wrong manner. 

Implementing your NetSuite software doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you are aware of the common mistakes and have an in depth knowledge of how to work the system, NetSuite will give you great success for your business. If you ever need a hand, we are here to help you with your business needs! Don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@suitedb.com for more information.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose NetSuite for your Business

The world of business is always changing and so is technology. Switching from software to software can be expensive, especially when they have additional licensing fees, costly software updates and possibly some hidden costs. NetSuite is ever long lasting and adapts to the changes that your business may go through. The multiple services are built into one platform with no hidden features or costs; it makes clear that it would be beneficial for any businesses out there. Why choose NetSuite? Find out below:

1. Easy to Implement 

NetSuite is built to allow the implementation process to be easy as pie. Implementations for this software is much more efficient and cheaper than other business applications which is quite a bonus. This web solution will most definitely reduce the total cost of  ownership and enhances productivity without the need of hiring more consultants to gather all the business applications and turning it into one. Since NetSuite makes it clear that all the data that is being sent is easily customizable, it proves the point that this software will make your life easier. If you’re ever thinking of using a NetSuite service but don’t know how to work it, relax! Here at SuiteDB, we can help you implement these NetSuite services to create a better experience for you. 

2. Multiple Services in a Single Platform

Have you ever bought anything that comes in a package deal for the price of one? Well that is what NetSuite is and why its the #1 cloud software! It’s convenient to have multiple services in one platform – plus, it’s more cost efficient too. This will enhance the productivity and agility of your business while managing to eliminate any errors that may be encountered. Not only that, but the infrastructure of this software ensures a safe and secure environment for any of the business processes. Some examples of the services of NetSuite includes, SuiteCommerce, SuiteTalk, SuiteFlow, SuiteScript and more. With these services, it allows your business processes to flow smoothly without any interruption. Curious about how it works? Check us out to learn more!

3. Increase Metrics Visibility in Real-Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to view all the data and metrics in real-time? Having full visibility of the key performances of your business is crucial to analyzing what is working out and what is not. Having this feature allows you to see the results of customer records, sales, transactions, and other service processes to determine what decision needs to be made in order to take the next step further. Without the ability to see how the business is performing, you could be missing out on the trends that could possibly outperform you. When data is being updated consistently, it allows a greater advantage to change or manipulate your business strategy and have long-term success.

4. Customizable

NetSuite has the functionality to be the most customizable software in the world since multiple applications are being used under one platform. The tools used in NetSuite allows you to tailor the program to meet your business processes based on your company’s requirements. It is common to use NetSuite’s SuiteFlow as even inexperienced users can easily create these customizations and programming in the business logic. It is recommended that you get the right training for your team and SuiteDB offers great training in the fields of support tasks, association, and development! 

5. It is Integrated

It’s insane how powerful this application is as it combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Ecommerce data management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), self-service portals, and so on and so forth. All of that in one? Sounds great doesn’t it? With these capabilities, companies are able to unify data and automate system processes in full view.

6. Reduce Costs

What’s better than getting great deals? With NetSuite, you can enjoy these affordable pricings. There are also comprehensive support packages that are included which results in time efficient processing. It also enables you to control your business applications without any additional costs related to IT maintenance.  

7. Global Access to your Business

Wouldn’t it be nice to access data from anywhere in the world and at anytime you want? As NetSuite is a cloud based solution to the business logic, accumulating business data from other parts of the world is deemed possible. This makes it a great asset when it comes to the needs of working closely with other partners and enterprises. These self-serve portals are key to enhancing the overall collaboration of businesses.

NetSuite is a great software to be using for your business processes. From customizations to global interactions, your business could be booming with success. There you have it – the reasons why you should integrate NetSuite into your business and how it can further your company’s development. If you have any other questions about NetSuite services and how we can help serve you, visit our website at www.suitedb.com.

Detect Error Logs & Update Your NetSuite Bundles

Have you ever been in a situation where just about everything takes the wrong toll? When you don’t know what the root cause of the problem is? Well, in this case, we want to alleviate that kind of stress for you and detects all the errors in your NetSuite systems before it runs out of control and causes a chain of never ending problems.

SuiteDB’s new and free Google Chrome Extension shows you when and where you have an error log. This is the best way to be time efficient and keep your NetSuite Bundles up to date!

Download it in here

Detecting Errors in NetSuite

Wouldn’t it be nice to be notified that you’ve got errors in your system rather than scouring around and trying to figure out where all the errors are yourself? That’s where the extension comes in handy. One of the advantages that the extension provides is the ability to quickly access error logs in each of the modules the errors have been produced in your production account.

With its ability to detect errors for you, it’ll be very time efficient as you’ll be able to work on other complex tasks. Once the extension is able to find those errors, you can start fixing them and making adjustments if needed in no time. 

What are the benefits of this, you may ask? It will save you twice as much time to focus on other important and more relevant activities. Instead of investing your time into detecting errors in error logs provided by NetSuite, you’ll be able to invest in more valuable work and let the extension find the errors for you. One simple error may seem minor at the moment, but ignoring it could be extremely frustrating as the system can start to malfunction. 

Be Notified for Bundle Updates

Let’s face it, we all forget to update certain things on our software and normally don’t check it because we think everything is running pretty smoothly already. However, it’s important to be constantly up to date, especially when it comes to managing your business processes. Without any updates, the functionality of the work might not be as efficient as it could be. 

NetSuite provides free and paid solutions and, as any software, they need to be updated frequently without any notification, having to go to the bundle list page which results in a massive loss of time. Why not have this extension to notify you so that you’ll be up to date as well as stick to your primary duties for the long run instead?

Why a Google Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome Extensions allows users to access certain features with ease. With the endless amounts of business operations, an extension will revolutionize the way you work and maximize your benefits. Scouring around to check for updates and errors is a complete waste of time. Your valuable time should be spent on other creative tasks rather than finding errors yourself. 

With that, our extension will do the work for you while you can keep doing other things. 

Efficiency is key to a thriving business and while our extension does the work to collect any errors and status updates, we will ensure that you can focus on your own tasks. 

Download it in here

NetSuite ERP or CRM for Your Business

Have you ever wondered what NetSuite software is best to use for your business? There are two types: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Both these platforms are used in similar ways such as organizing operations and improving business functionality. In order to decide which form to use, they should be looked at separately to see the distinctions and similarities they may have as they can also be integrated and overlapped. 

What is CRM?

To keep it easy and simple to understand, CRM is basically a platform to keep business interactions and connections between the company and their current and potential customers. This software is used to organize, operate, keep sales in sync, marketing, and customer services. CRM has developed to improve the customer experience by keeping customer loyalty which leads to a more valuable business. With this improvement, CRM is able to increase profits as it produces a greater sales volume.

What is ERP?

Instead of managing customers, ERP manages the actual business processing systems. The sales, accounting, human resource services and other processes work together as one system. It focuses on reducing overhead costs, reduces capital spending and makes business processes more efficient. With ERP, your team will be able to input all information into the system which would allow snapshots of real-time data of the enterprise. Alerts are also notified when problems arise in all areas of the system. This means the business will be able to focus on business data rather than its operations. 

How do you decide between CRM and ERP?

Now that you know the difference between CRM and ERP, it’s now time to decide which one of these NetSuite platforms are best for your business. 

If your company needs better performance on  organizing the marketing, creating data reports of customer interactions, automating customer services, or even prioritizing leads, a better option for your business would be the CRM software.

Here is a more in-depth list of what CRM software does to manage front-office activities but is not limited to:

  • Manage sales
  • Streamline sales processes
  • Share marketing and sales collateral
  • Learn the trends of which products sell best during a specific time period
  • Manage business contacts
  • Manage business leads
  • Share customer profiles

On the other hand, ERP is considered best if your company manages the back-office activities and tasks. This would be more appropriate for supply chain management, accounting and financial applications, distribution process management and so on.

If your company does most of the following, then ERP is the best choice for you:

  • Improve accuracy of financial data
  • Reduce redundant tasks
  • Standardised business processes 
  • Lower purchasing costs
  • Automate employee-life cycle
  • Facilitate better project planning

There you have it! A guide to choosing which NetSuite platform is best for your business. If you are still in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@suitedb.com for more information.

5 NetSuite Tips & Tricks You’re Missing Out On

NetSuite is the number one software used in online businesses and it is meant to make business management easier to deal with. It helps keeps everything organized and saves loads of time. We have created a list of the top 5 tips and tricks for using NetSuite to its potential.

  1. Aesthetics

What’s better than making your web look fabulous? On this platform, you are able to change the colours and customize the appearance of the web. Maybe you want to match with the theme of your company colours or you find that certain colour schemes are more attractive to your audience’s’ eyes. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to make the user NetSuite experience aesthetically pleasing to increase the flow of visitors. 

In order to change the colour scheme of NetSuite, we’ve listed an easy 3 step guide to follow:

  1. Click on the house icon on your dashboard 
  2. Simply navigate to “Set Preferences”
  3. There, you will see “Appearances” menu which will allow you to customize the colours 

2. Workflow of NetSuite

It comes to a time where we should stop using manual processes. Workflows are responsible for bringing your specific business processes into the NetSuite systems and allows the automation of manual processes. By using NetSuite, it makes customizations for your business processes much easier as it can be tailored to your key requirements of your company.

A graphical interface is designed to work with the Workflows where SuiteScript isn’t even needed. This allows anyone on your team to easily create these processes in the system without the use of a written code. 

3. Troubleshooting saved searches

Saved searches are by far a favourite feature of NetSuite users. It has the ability to access real-time data and the option to save searches when seeking for information. Especially when users are able to access the information they have searched with a single click. However, saved searches can get a little complicated which can be a bit of a hassle to create correctly. 

However, we’ve created a list to help troubleshoot common saved searches with these simple hacks and save you time:   

  1. Check your formula and be sure all your parenthesis are closed
  2. Are your field IDs correct and do they return a value without it being in the formula? To check this out, start by isolating the field IDs into separate formulas for issues related to the fields itself. Then you’ll be able to see if it’s the syntax that’s actually off and not the chosen fields. 
  3. Check to see if your computer made any alterations to your field IDs by adding spaces into the formulas. If so, be sure to change so that there aren’t any spaces with the parenthesis. Macs often have an issue with this when using Safari.
  4. Check your syntax to be sure that the CASE statement has the proper ‘CASE WHEN (condition1) THEN (desired_result) ELSE (other_result) END’ syntax.
  5. If the data you’re using to get out of your system has the incorrect Formula Type, for example, using Free-Form text field in a numeric Formula and Sum would result in an error. In this case, you’ll have two options: convert the text field to a number format such as ‘at_number({yourfield})’) or change it to a Formula (text). 
  6. Ensure that your tick or quotation conversions for either PC or Mac is correct as this can easily get very messy– especially when you’re copying and sending formulas between these two computer systems.

4. Emailing multiple addresses

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to send multiple emails to an array of addresses? NetSuite has a solution for that as it can send automatic emails for popular transactions such as:

  • Purchase orders
  • Customer invoices
  • Sales orders
  • Item fulfillments

The following are the steps for sending emails to multiple people:

  1. Message body recipient: enter the recipient’s name where only existing entities in NetSuite can be selected such as customers, vendors and employees.
  2. Copy Others List: enter the name of additional recipients by separating each name with a semi-colon into the “to” field

5. Customization all the way

The main reason why NetSuite is being widely used is because everything is customizable which makes it great for tailoring it to your business needs. Custom customizations include but are not limited to SuiteScript, SuiteTalk and Site Builder. With the ability to make customizations, you can build functionalities and workflows based on what your business demands.

For these reasons, this is why our clients trust SuiteDB to not only provide consultation and guidance with our great expertise in NetSuite. With over 8 years of experience, we have the ability to serve a mix of your business and technical needs. For more information, visit our website or have a chat with us by contacting contact@suitedb.com.

Get Certified in SuiteCommerce Advanced

Calling all exceptional SuiteCommerce Advanced developers: we are pleased to announce that we will soon be introducing a certification program.

Designed not only to give you the chance to prove your mettle, NetSuite certification opens the door to an elite professional network and new career opportunities. Successfully completing the exam will enable you to distinguish yourself from your non-certified peers with, for example, ‘NetSuite Certified’ logos on your business cards or site. This shows that you have the knowledge and skills needed to create, extend and implement NetSuite commerce applications.

If you are new to NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce functionality, the 5-day SuiteCommerce: Developing Webstores course is still the right place to begin. This course shows you how to implement and extend the SuiteCommerce Advanced architecture utilizing Backbone, Underscore, Bootstrap, and jQuery.

So stay tuned for updates regarding the upcoming training course, but in the meantime why not head over and learn more about the certification program?

How to Choose the Right ERP Software for your Business?

Businesses today run on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution which is a software that helps with the organization, automation, and will transform the entire business to become exponentially efficient. Since there are many versions of ERP systems, a thorough review of what features your business has and what its aiming for is crucial in order to avoid interruption of your business flow. ERP systems are important for business, however, it all comes down to selecting the right one that will enhance and maximize how the business is run.

What are the key requirements for your business?

Before you go out of your way to search up the possible ERP software for your business, consider reviewing what is really needed and what benefits it can contribute to the success of your company. This means that it is important to consult with your team members in order to provide clarity on what exactly your business is managing and narrow the list down to see if there are any relevant or irrelevant processes that can be considered for. Ask yourself some questions to get a better understanding of what your company is thriving for. Is your business financially centralized? Does it need additional management for your service-oriented business? From there, you will be able to progress further into selecting the right ERP for your growing business. 

Make it Mobile Friendly

Many people enjoy the convenience of making internet searches on their mobile devices. For what reason? It is the utter convenience that smartphones and tablets have that makes it more portable and accessible than a desktop or computer. The user’s experience will gain more satisfaction as it would be easier to manage and utilize. Finding options for an ERP system is a must and cannot be left out of the blue. Nothing is more annoying than not having this interface delivered across mobile devices or mobile apps. 

Easy Updates

In order to keep your business top notch, the software must be running in the latest version. This will help to avoid any errors, malfunctions or even unforeseen circumstances such as somebody hacking into the system in the business process. To steer away from hefty charges for every time there is a problem in the system, it is advised to have your staff well trained about how to use the ERP software to its maximum potential. Therefore, it would reduce the company’s costs and troubles.

Set-Up and Costs 

It is known that ERP Softwares are on the pricier end of the spectrum, however, doing research, knowing your budget range, and having highly experienced staff will cut down the costs and allow for a simple and easy installation process. The costs not only include the software program itself, but there is also the price of the integration, implementation, and maintenance processes. Running through your Return on Investment (ROI) and figuring out the different features and functions of the software will give you a better chance of pinpointing which ERP is best for your business.

To make your experience with the process better and cost efficient, it is advised that a trusted development company is hired and here at SuiteDB, we can help you out with that. We’ll give you recommendations, tips and tricks to help you through the process with ease. Visit us at www.suitedb.com for more information about our services and how we can serve you to the best of our abilities.

Overall, it is best to go through your business model and figure out what potential gain you can receive through various types of ERP. Whether you are project oriented, financially centralized, or seek better management, know your ERP requirements first and narrow down your options to select the best one that is suitable for your company’s business processes. NetSuite ERP is widely used and highly recommended as it accelerates the performance of the overall business. The tools that NetSuite ERP has are used to work in various areas of the business processes such as financial management and planning, order and production management, supply chain and procurement and even warehouse and fulfillment. The key benefits of using this ERP is how broad and robust it is along with its built in business intelligence composed of data with customizable functionality for when your business continues to grow. How great does that sound? 

What is NetSuite and how it can help your business?

Today, NetSuite is considered to be the #1 software solution used in order to deliver the best computation system while managing all the processing tools used in the business logic. This helps businesses stay organized which makes it easy to operate, plan, as well as reduce the company costs to a minimum.  

NetSuite was first established in 1998 based in California, United States by Evan M. Goldberg. It is considered to be the world’s first company that is dedicated to delivering management through a single software that provide services for business processes. Finances, operations, and customer relations management are key to creating smooth and easy planning and organization. More than 18,000 NetSuite customers run their businesses on cloud-based financials, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and omnichannel commerce in over 200 countries and territories.

Image from NetSuite

NetSuite Services

There are a variety of NetSuite services that are used to propel different areas of the business logic such as SuiteCommerce, SuiteFlow, SuiteTalk, SuiteScript – the list goes on. Each platform has properties that function in a variety of ways to suit any business needs. From small to mid-sized businesses, NetSuite has greatly benefited these companies and it makes a world of a difference.


There are 3 different versions of SuiteCommerce: SuiteCommerce Advanced, SuiteCommerce InStore, and Site Builder. Each to its own unique abilities, it has helped with the development of covering all solutions in full management, sales and purchases, web design, inventory count in real-time, financial and accounting operations, and other features.


SuiteFlow on the other hand allows users the flexibility of workflow management. This makes it easier for developers and customers the ability to customize and program any business processes including collections, sales approvals, orders, discounts – you name it! The great thing about SuiteFlow is that they are automated which can maximize the business agility. 


SuiteTalk is another web service integration of NetSuite that is used to allow developers and customers to customize mobile applications, enables support for the business processes of third-party cloud applications and systems, converting to NetSuite from another platform, and so much more. This web solution allows integrated real-time transactions and master data which is helpful for the business logic. Other key features include the integration of Java, .NET or other types that support SOAP-based web services. Developers are also able to customize using REST functions such as POST, PUT, GET and DELETE which are standards of integration used by RESTlet frameworks.


The NetSuite SuiteScript is considered to be another vital component to creating successful business processes. This platform is built on JavaScript which allows customization and automation of business processes. It is also capable of debugging any problems that are encountered as it allows validation, testing and other features.

To conclude, NetSuite is a single software that allows an easy solution for the customization of business processes. This allows efficient work to be done while operating important tasks and management of businesses.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right.

You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click the “New Post” button, and tell us why you’re here.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
  • Because it will help you focus you own ideas about your blog and what you’d like to do with it.

The post can be short or long, a personal intro to your life or a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of your the types of things you hope to publish.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why you started, and articulating your goals may just give you a few other post ideas.

Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

When you’re ready to publish, give your post three to five tags that describe your blog’s focus — writing, photography, fiction, parenting, food, cars, movies, sports, whatever. These tags will help others who care about your topics find you in the Reader. Make sure one of the tags is “zerotohero,” so other new bloggers can find you, too.